Elke Reichart attends Women in Data Event at TUI UK


Elke Reichart, TUI Group’s Chief Digital Officer, was the guest speaker at an event in Luton organised by Women In Dataon the 4th of July. Elke travelled from Germany for the event which bought together over 50 local women and men who work in the data and technology industry.

The evening hosted by the world’s leading tourism group, TUI included speakers from, and discussions with some of TUI’s most inspirational data and technology employees. As the world’s number one tourism business, it was a great opportunity for local employees to find out how an international company approaches gender parity in this sector. Other speakers from the TUI Group included Kinnari Ladha, Head of Analytics and Business Intelligence, Anthony Channon, Head of Data Science, as well as speakers from TUI UK Amiy Chatley, Digital Analytics Manager, Marketing, and Hirra Sulanki, Head of Digital Analytics.

The aim of Women in Data UK is to encourage more women to enjoy successful careers in data and technology, in which women are proportionally poorly represented. They aim to ensure diversity by encouraging females to shine and progress in their careers. Women in Data UK provides a community setting in which women can network and share ideas.