Back End Software Engineer

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    Lisbon, Portugal

    Porto, Portugal

    Madrid, Spain

    Palma, Spain

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  • Full Time

  • 37.5 - 40

TUI Group is the world’s number one integrated tourism business. Accommodation Sourcing is a global team within TUI technology responsible for the connectivity and sourcing of hotel and accommodation portfolio. We are a multi-disciplinary team of experts across Architecture, Engineering, DevOps and Agile Delivery providing services across the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. 


At TUI we’re ambitious to become the leader in technology within the travel industry and to achieve this we are looking to build a capable, creative team who want to be a part of accomplishing that goal. 

We never stop looking ahead, seeking new ways to delight our customers and grow our business. We recognise the power of digital and the massive contribution this brings to creating a truly unique and differentiated customer experience.  

We are looking for a talented and dedicated technical enthusiast to join the newly formed Accommodation Sourcing technology organisation which sources offers and static data for dynamic suppliers.  

The Back End Software Engineer is a practitioner and an advocate of state-of-the-art software development practices, developing software products with a broad toolkit of technologies and methods and with a strong DevOps mindset, being able to tackle the whole software development cycle of designing, building, testing and deploying applications. Working in an agile environment and keeping up with the ever-evolving technical landscape the Back End Software Engineer is a lifelong learner and likes to think outside the box. 




  • As a Back End Software Engineer, you will be part of a cross-functional team or a practice team that enables software development skills and capabilities across a whole domain. Together with your team you will own the software products from conception to operation.
  • Being an enthusiast in software engineering and software craftsmanship, with a strong DevSecOps mindset, and thanks to your excellent collaboration skills you will support your team in delivering the best answers to our customers’ needs and in taking over full responsibility for its applications, from design to operation. 
  • You will strive for a high degree of automation, clean architectures and high quality with a customer-centric mindset.
  • Are able to select the right tools for the right jobs and thus solve the given business and technical problems in an efficient way.
  • Show a commercial mentality, focusing on solving business problems in the best way.
  • You will work in a cloud environment, especially AWS, and develop resilient and high-performing cloud-native applications.
  • Have a good understanding of the AWS toolbox, leveraging AWS services and cloud design patterns in a micro-service landscape.
  • Tackle the whole cycle of designing, building, testing and deploying software and contribute to increasing automation. 
  • You are able to verbalise your thoughts and ideas and take the initiative to translate ideas into outcomes.
  • Together with the domain’s Practice teams as well as the Group Enabler teams you also will research, evaluate and test new approaches, processes and tools and help teams to use them effectively. 
  • You love to work in an international, multi-cultural team.
  • You challenge constructively and have high expectations of yourself and others.
  • Always drive for technical excellence, ownership and self-organisation at team and personal level.
  • You love to learn and acquire new skills and keep up to date with latest developments in your focus areas. 
  • Security is part of everyone’s job. At TUI, we practise secure behaviours first in everything we do. 




  • Proficiency in Java and their respective eco-systems 

  • Experience with data persistence (SQL/noSQL) 

  • Experience with implementing resource-oriented APIs (REST, GraphQL) on client and server side and common formats like JSON and XML 

  • Expertise in cloud design, infrastructure as code, tools and services on AWS 

  • Motivated to dive into touristic requirements and their common data models   

  • Well experienced about Spring / Spring Boot 

  • Knowledge about OpenAPI und JSON Schema 

  • Expertise in Event Driven Architecture like Apache Kafka or SNS 

  • Familiar with agile Software Development like Scrum and Kanban 

  • Good experience with CI/CD, preferably Gitlab CI 

  • Ability to design, build, test, and deploy applications 

  • Customer centric, passionate about delivering great digital products and services  

  • Demonstrating true software craftsmanship mindset 

  • Passionate about continuous improvement, collaboration and great teams  

  • Strong problem-solving skills coupled with good communication skills  

  • Understanding of social and ethical implications of software engineering 

  • Open minded, inquisitive, life-long learner  

  • Comfortable with ambiguity, highly autonomous 


  • Competitive salary
  • Pension scheme and life assurance 
  • Generous holiday entitlement & holiday discounts
  • Forward thinking ways of working
  • TUI time off, purchase of additional holiday entitlement
  • Excellent rates with foreign exchange and discounts with retailers


At TUI, we know people are as diverse as the destinations we send our customers to. ​ ​We love to see your uniqueness shine through and inspire the future of travel.​  If you would like to read more about what Diversity & Inclusion means to us simply visit our Smile page Click here