Travel Consultant

As a travel consultant, you make your clients happy with unforgettable memories.  Whether it’s a week in Mallorca, a city trip to London or a customized trip through California; you arrange everything down to the last detail. A vacation should be a celebration, no matter where the trip takes you. It’s up to you, as Maker of Happy, to make the orientation and booking phase of the trip as enjoyable as possible. Sometimes the perfect trip is found in no time, sometimes it takes a little more effort. In doing so, you can use your own knowledge or experience.

Sales & Service Lead

As Shop Manager, you will ensure that your shop can offer the optimal TUI Experience to our customers. In addition, you follow-up the profitability and objectives of your TUI Shop. With your coaching skills, you ensure that your team excels and reaches their full potential.


Job Title Location
Ervaren Reisadviseur – Regio Nieuwegein | Culemborg IJsselstein, Netherlands
ervaren reisadviseur – TUI Effting Eindhoven, Netherlands
Reisadviseur – Regio Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands …
Reisadviseur – Regio Den Bosch Waalwijk, Netherlands
Reisadviseur – Regio Den Haag The Hague, Netherlands
Reisadviseur – Regio Drechtsteden Dordrecht, Netherlands …
Reisadviseur – Regio Drenthe/Noordoostpolder Emmen, Netherlands …
Reisadviseur – Regio Eindhoven Helmond, Netherlands …
Reisadviseur – Regio Flevoland / Gelderland Nijkerk, Netherlands …
Reisadviseur – Regio Gouda Zoetermeer, Netherlands
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