TUI Way of Working

Our TUI Way of Working is the foundation of our hybrid work environment. We create a culture of trust and passion that enables a sense of belonging for our colleagues, wherever they choose to work. Our colleagues enjoy flexibility whilst keeping performance and efficiency high. Work is something we do, not somewhere we go.

Our TUI Way of Working is based on our culture and mindset, shaped by our central values of “Trusted, Unique, Inspiring” with added elements of Leadership, Workplace, Technology and Organisation. This is not about setting detailed rules for everything and everyone, but having a common vision that we bring to life and locally reflect the characteristics of the countries, companies and functions that we work in.

TUI Workwide

The last two years have changed the way we work. Hybrid working has become the norm and is no longer a nice-to-have. In the meantime, mobile working is moving away even from home office to a workplace in other cities and countries.
As one of the world’s leading tourism groups, TUI believes that our work, and especially our way of working, should reflect the fun and excitement of travel. With TUI WORKWIDE, we live this belief.

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Culture & Mindset

We have learned as an organisation that we need to be lifelong learners; that diversity delivers better results; that flexible working, open communication and appropriate dialogue formats encourage the development of new ideas and participation. As we gather experience, we will learn what we should strengthen or add to over time.

Trusted, Unique, Inspiring – these are the values we embrace at TUI. Being the world’s leading tourism company, we take our responsibility seriously, whether you embark on a holiday experience with us or work as a TUI employee in one of our diverse locations.

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Leadership strength is vital to the success of a business and has many styles. In addition to the TUI Values, leaders are therefore expected to demonstrate certain aspects within TUI’s own Leadership Model “VIBE”.

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Offices are becoming places of collaboration, networking, and creativity. They are the anchor for our hybrid working model and will reflect our shared values even more strongly than before. Of course, we also have consideration for those where home office is not an option and for whom work is tied to a location, for example airline crew or retail colleagues.

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Diversity & Inclusion

At TUI, we know people are as diverse as the destinations we send our customers to. ​Just as travel is about exploration, we are on a continuous journey to make our work culture more inclusive.​ ​A sense of togetherness and belonging drives our team culture.

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Development Opportunities

TUI makes personal development accessible to all employees with a range of blended learning options that provides our staff with the tools they’ll need to nurture talent, provide leadership, develop their professional skills and create a more effective organisation. However they want. Wherever they want.

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Health & Wellbeing

At TUI, our guests’ health and safety is of the utmost importance to us and equally, it is the same for our employees. Our goal is for everyone to feel comfortable at their workplace and to enjoy sustainable health – physically as well as mentally. 

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As a leading tourism group, we want to continue to use our influence to initiate sustainable change. Of course, this also includes protecting the environment and the climate.

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