Time for a change of work-scenery – with TUI WORKWIDE

The last two years have changed the way we work. Hybrid working has become the norm and is no longer a nice-to-have. In the meantime, mobile working is moving away even from home office to a workplace in other cities and countries.
As one of the world’s leading tourism groups, TUI believes that our work, and especially our way of working, should reflect the fun and excitement of travel. With TUI WORKWIDE, we live this belief. TUI WORKWIDE is an offer for employees who are not permanently tied to one location and allows them to work from abroad for up to 30 days a year – in a holiday destination, their favorite city or simply a place they particularly like.

“With TUI WORKWIDE, colleagues whose job allows them to do so can work abroad for up to 30 working days per year – in a holiday destination, their favorite city or in a place they like or find important.

This makes work hugely flexible and we can offer something we think our colleagues will really appreciate. After all, trust is an important TUI value that we should also live by.”

Sybille Reiß, Human Resources Director

Since TUI WORKWIDE was launched in August 2021, TUI colleagues have already spent a total of 38,500 days working abroad – from Spain, Morocco and Thailand to South Africa and Australia. Some colleagues have shared their personal TUI Workwide experience with us.

Here are their stories:

Being able to work remotely up to 30 working days per calendar year from anywhere in the world using TUI WORKWIDE was a game changer for my mental health and my work-life balance.“

Ivo Anderegg – Switzerland

  • Ivo Anderegg is a Data Manager at TUI in Spain
  • He moved his workplace to the mountains of Switzerland, where he could spend quality time with his parents and brother
  • TUI WORKWIDE was a game changer for his work-life balance
  • He worked during the week, and was able to re-charge his batteries by doing hikes and excursions with his friends and family during the weekend

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“I will tell my colleagues not to hesitate to take the plunge. It is incredible luck that we have this initiative.”

Joëlle Sabiti – Croatia

  • Joëlle Sabiti is a TUI Recruitment Advisor
  • She combined her annual leave with TUI WORKWIDE to spend an extended amount of time in Split, Croatia
  • She worked two days a week at her accommodation and three days in a co-working space
  • After work, she would go to the beach, visit the city or spend the evenings with friends

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Without TUI WORKWIDE it would have been very difficult for us to bring Bella home. We are overjoyed!”

Honor von Straten – Egypt

  • Honor van Straten is a Business Support Manager at the TUI Experience Center in Palma de Mallorca
  • She flew to Egypt with her husband as part of TUI WORKWIDE, to adopt a rescue dog: Bella – like they had done before in 2013

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“I can only recommend this experience to my colleagues.”

Rafael Palou – Tenerife

  • Rafael Palou is a TUI Process Analyst in Mallorca
  • He went on a ‘surf and work’ trip to Tenerife and stayed in a fully equipped flat near the best surf spots
  • He worked from the terrace and then was able to jump on the surfboard the next minute
  • Working there was just as well as being at home
  • He definitely wants to do it again – maybe in Bali or Costa Rica next time

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“Now, I realise we were enjoying “our” time together so much, that we didn’t even take one photo of “just us”, which means I will have to go again soon as time is moving fast.”

Yolanda Dobson – Cyprus

  • Yolanda Dobson is an IT Category Manager at TUI in the UK
  • She sadly lost her mother due to COVID in January 2020, but then looked to take up the chance of visiting her mother’s twin sister
  • With TUI WORKWIDE, she was able to spend time with her elderly Aunt in Cyprus
  • While she worked in the warmth of the November sun, her Aunt sat with her, reading books, sipping coffee and chatting on how lucky they were to have this time together

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“I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and I will certainly do it again!”

Sanna Väre – Lanzarote

  • Sanna Väre is a Digital Sales Optimisation Specialist at TUI in Finland
  • She moved her workplace from the North to the South for a few days: to the Canary Island of Lanzarote
  • She combined her TUI WORKWIDE time with a few days of holidays
  • It was an inspiring and fun trip for her
  • She enjoyed dipping in the pool during her lunch break and working under the shade of the palm trees

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“The prospect of working in 35 degree heat and occasionally jumping into the pool was very tempting.“

Andrew Neville-Davies – Morocco

  • Andrew Neville-Davies is a Learning & Development Specialist at TUI, and normally works in England
  • He and his partner Fran stayed at TUI Blue Medina Gardens in Marrakesh
  • He took some days off in order to have a long weekend off, but otherwise worked full time
  • The working conditions were so good that no one even noticed he was not working from England at the time

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“I’m now sitting back home in the UK on a grey and rainy day and already contemplating where my next trip might be…”

Matt Alexander – Gran Canaria

  • Matt Alexander is a Senior Product Development and Implementation Manager at TUI, based in the UK
  • With TUI WORKWIDE, he spent two weeks on the Canary Island of Gran Canaria
  • He scheduled a few days of holidays to meet up with friends alongside work
  • It was very easy and enjoyable for him to work from his hotel balcony or from the pool bar

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I feel so grateful to work for TUI, where flexible working is embraced and encouraged. If it weren’t for the flexible working policy, I likely would not have been able to take this spontaneous trip to reunite with my family after 20 long, hard months apart.”

Susan Bhikha – USA

  • Susan Bhikha is an Internal Communication and Engagement Specialist at TUI
  • Thanks to the TUI Flexible Working guidelines and her supportive and accommodating team, her long-awaited reunion with her family was made possible
  • She visited the States for a total of two and a half weeks: one week of work and one week of annual leave

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Principles for temporary international working

TUI WORKWIDE enables TUI colleagues to work from another country for a short while as long as: