TUI makes personal development accessible to all employees with a range of blended learning options that provides our colleagues with the tools they’ll need to nurture talent, provide leadership, develop their professional skills and create a more effective organisation. However they want. Wherever they want. From General Learning across a wide range of topics – language lessons, cultural awareness, health & wellbeing, compliance or digital trends to Professional Academies for strategic topics, our Leadership Academy and Development programmes together with local learning specific to the country and language. We respond quickly to the needs of our teams, developing our Change Learning Hub at pace to support colleagues.

Change Learning Hub

The scale and pace of change continues to accelerate. Our digital platform transformation is well underway and we continue to respond to the challenges brought about by external pressure. As we implement these changes, the ability to manage the people side of change is a critical skill for all of us, the Hub has been developed to support everyone in a change process, here you will find:

‘Change@TUI Toolkit’ – overview of how to manage change and includes practical tips and techniques.
Manage Self through change’ – learn more about yourself so you can be more effective at supporting others.
‘Manage Others through change’ -designed to support leaders as they help their teams accept and adapt to change.

Learning Lounge

Our digital Learning Lounge is our ‘go to’ central learning hub, open to all colleagues to enable learning anytime and anywhere. Take a tour of our Learning Lounge for a taste of the wide range of learning available.

General Learning

The pandemic led us to set up #Learning forTomorrow, when colleagues started working from home. Content included working digitally, health and wellbeing, change, leading digitally, staying connected and more.

Click to experience one of our elearning courses, take a preview of our ‘HOW2 develop a change mindset’ module now.

Professional Academies

Our Academies in Technology, HR, Marketing and Sustainability provide learnings for all levels from general understanding to deep dive skills development. For example, Cloud Strategy in Tech or our  Upskilling Initiative - specific upskilling paths to support the digital transformation currently focusing on data science and DevOps skill development.  

Leadership Academy

We provide content for self-directed learning, access to communities and peer learning. There are virtual sessions, “Share the VIBE”, Masterclasses with input from experts, Q&A sessions or e-coffee-calls with Board Members – to name a few.

Watch how we prepare Senior Leaders to drive change and strategy implementation as part of our digital transformation.

Leadership Development 

Here at TUI we know how important it is to develop our current and future leaders. We offer 4 Global Leadership Development Programmes that target different experience levels – from leaders new to role, high potential talent and building skills of senior leaders.