At TUI, automation plays a vital role in the digital transformation and the future-proofing of our company.

Our automation team works with many different departments, helping them automate complex business processes and create innovative solutions to reduce repetitive, tedious low-value tasks for our co-workers and enhance customer experience.

For us at TUI, it is important to choose the best technique and tools for the job. Our automation engineers work with a wide variety of automation techniques and tools; from delivering infrastructure integrated automation through microservices, batch processes, serverless services etc. to robotic process automation and intelligent automation.

As an automation engineer at TUI, you get to work with many different people and departments on a wide variety of projects to design and implement creative, innovative problem-solving programmatical solutions.


Job Title Location
CRM Manager (all gender) für die Marke Mein Schiff Hamburg, Germany
Data Scientist (all gender) für die Marke Mein Schiff Hamburg, Germany
Environmental Data Analyst Rijswijk, Netherlands …
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