Facts about the country

With approximately 65 million people, the United Kingdom has a varied landscape and a rich and eventful history. It comprises of Great Britain, which includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (on the island of Ireland). Each segment has its own distinctive culture and customs.

England is famous for their Royal Family, lush green countryside and ‘typical British weather’! The climate is difficult to predict in the UK – it can be raining in August when it is supposed to be the height of summer one year and then the next could be a heatwave. Typically, the better weather will be from May – August.

There are different office locations in the UK

  1. The busiest office is in Luton, Bedfordshire where the UK & Ireland and some Group Functions team are based.
  2. There is also an office in Crawley, West Sussex that is the office for Group Functions and some UK & Ireland / TUI Destination Services employees.
  3. We do also have the UK payroll team working in an office in Swansea, Wales.
  4. We have an office in London which is home to the Mobility Hub.
  5. There is also an office in Surbiton which is home to some of our TUI Destination Services employees.
  6. We have a Dublin office as well. The Tour Operator business and Customer Contact Centre for Falcon and Thomson in Ireland are located here.


London – Minerva House (TUI Group)

Minerva House, London is a 5-minute walk from London Bridge Station.

The TUI Mobility Hub at Minerva House is where the TDA delivery team are based. This team develop the mobile App that is used by our customers who have bought holidays with us. The office is located in the heart of Borough Market and London Bridge right near the Thames.

Surbiton – DST House (Crystal)

TUI UK & Ireland offices for Crystal are located in Surbiton.

Luton – Wigmore House

TUI UK & Ireland head office of First Choice and TUI is located in Luton which is in the beautiful Chiltern Hills of Bedfordshire.

Crawley – Jetset House

Just an hour’s drive from London and 40 minutes from the beaches of Brighton, the office is located next to Gatwick Airport runway. With the stunning South Downs in easy reach, close links to London and the seaside, it is perfectly positioned to offer both urban bustle and the quiet life – in short, the best of both worlds.

Jetset House is predominately occupied by Group colleagues and UK&I colleagues, with a small amount of hot desks for visitors.

Explore our vacancies in the United Kingdom

Job Title Location
Technology Transformation Lead Ostend, Belgium
Coördinator omnichannel management Ostend, Belgium
Recruiter Flight Attendant Zaventem, Belgium
Audit Manager Hanover, Germany …
Fall in Love with TUI – Oostende Ostend, Belgium
Internal Communications Officer Rijswijk, Netherlands …
Jobday Cabin Crew Member (Charleroi) Charleroi, Belgium
Travel Consultant Sint-Eloois-Vijve Waregem, Belgium
Jobday Cabin Crew Member (Zaventem) Zaventem, Belgium
MPL Classic Track Zaventem, Belgium
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