As part of the graduate programme at TUI, you’ll spend two or three invaluable years, working right at the heart of our business – with real responsibilities, and the chance to work on real projects. You’ll gain a unique insight into our exciting and dynamic industry, with exposure to many other functional areas and senior colleagues, as well as the opportunity to enhance your professional skills through an extensive and tailored programme of learning and development. You’ll have lots of fun during your time with us, and we’ll ensure you get the support you need every step of the way.

We have various opportunities in our Data & Analytics, Finance and Technology teams.

Data & Analytics

As a function, we work collaboratively with the business using data and analytics techniques to help make better decisions and add value. The application of analytical techniques and data-based decision-making are critical to TUI’s future success and a key source of competitive advantage. Working collaboratively with the business, we ensure that TUI fully benefits from the world of ‘big data’ and continues to find innovative ways to make the right decision at the right time to both enhance the customer experience and maximise profitability.

Our People


“I started working at TUI about eight years ago, after graduating with a Masters in Operational Research and Management Science. I’ve had various roles within the Commercial Team, developing yield management solutions within the UK. I’ve also supported the rollout of some of our products in different Markets, where I had the opportunity to travel and work with teams in Germany and Sweden.

I enjoy working for TUI as I feel there are a variety of interesting and complex problems to sink your teeth into. With that comes lots of opportunities to develop and progress. We can own solutions from requirements gathering through to go live; I was able to make a difference and add value from very early on in my career. I also like the fact that I work for a company that takes people on holiday. Data is data, but I think it makes a difference to be working in a field that I can get excited about. I also work with some great people in a fun environment. When I joined TUI there wasn’t a Graduate Scheme available in this area, so I’m glad that we’re able to offer one now. We’ve seen many people through the scheme that have progressed into other roles within the business, and this is a great way to get new fresh ideas, and the most up to date skills into the business. So, if you think this is the sort of role for you, then please apply!”


Our vision in Finance is to ‘deliver a World Class Valued Service’. As part of our strategy to future-proof our business, we’re continuing with the ambition to build a modern finance function. Our focus is to drive best practice by staying close to the business and focusing on value creation.  We achieve this through excellent business partnering, utlising data to drive decision making, ensuring a robust control framework and driving forward the automation of processes.

Our People

Aimee Bennett, Finance Manager – Product & Trading

Nathan Fry, Finance Graduate


TUI Technology operate within global teams responsible for all aspects of design, development and operation of software solutions to all internal and external customer facing applications. We’re a multi-disciplinary team of experts across Architecture, Engineering, DevOps, Agile Delivery and Information Security operating across the UK and Europe.

At TUI we’re ambitious to become the leader in technology within the travel industry and to achieve this we are looking to build a capable, creative team who want to be a part of accomplishing that goal.

Our People

Milan Juza, Technology Director – eCommerce

Emily Collier, Head of Technology – Web

Sam Watling, Head of Critical Asset Security

Shujon Chowdhury, Technology Graduate

“2022 was the year I started my journey with TUI on the Security stream of the Technology Graduate Scheme. My journey took an unconventional route as I had a wealth of experience in other fields, from logistics to auditor; from the Army to the NHS and was looking to move into Information Security. TUI is definitely not the first company that comes to mind when thinking of technology and I was pleasantly surprised that this scheme ticked all my boxes and more.
As others have mentioned, TUI stands out from the get-go; not only for the generous compensation and benefits, but also the fact that the recruitment team make the selection process easy and show kindness throughout. Having done numerous selection centres over the years, ‘fun’ is not a word I would usually associate with them, but TUI’s really was. One of the tenets of TUI is to bring your authentic self to work, and I can tell you now, I have done, and I am still here.
I am currently completing an apprenticeship along with Industry specific qualifications, and there are so many opportunities for development and training, both internally and externally. TUI is unique for Information Security, as it has multiple department rotations throughout the program to gain an overview of the work involved and it gives us a chance to see where we could fit in and what area we enjoy and wish to go forward with in our career. I have gone from directing quirky videos educating the business about Information Security to initiating new procedures; assessing incidents and threats to remediating vulnerabilities in our vast digital estate.  The flexibility and career development on offer means that there is something for everyone at TUI.
Whether you are just starting out or are looking for a career change, TUI is a great choice. The support and encouragement from colleagues all the way up to senior leadership is invaluable, and there are lots of opportunities to gain insights into the wider travel industry.
If you do decide to apply, my advice is to be yourself, prepare well and go the extra smile! And remember – fortune favours the brave!”

Zoe Matthews, Technology Graduate

“My journey with TUI began after I graduated with a degree in Biomedicine. While my background lacked experience in technology or the travel industry, my enthusiasm for travel and a deep desire to learn drove me to explore the possibilities. I knew I wanted to be a part of the dynamic and progressive world of technology, with its ever-evolving landscape, so I took a leap and applied to TUI!

From the moment of my first interview, TUI’s values and culture resonated with me. The unwavering kindness and support that extended throughout the application process put me at ease and helped me to show myself in the best light. A year later, this fun and nurturing environment remains, and I am confident that it will continue throughout my career.

Since starting my job, I’ve been fortunate to embrace a diverse range of responsibilities. I have learned multiple coding languages and applied them for front-end software development across TUI and its brands, while also contributing to delivery analysis and supporting team management and leadership. Simultaneously, I’m pursuing a Level 7 Masters degree in Software Engineering, generously supported by TUI. This academic pursuit not only challenges me but also empowers me to infuse the latest academic insights into my daily work, driving innovation in my team.

One of the exceptional aspects of TUI is the freedom it offers to explore different dimensions of the business. This invaluable opportunity enables individuals to identify their passions and tailor their career. Beyond our daily roles, we have the opportunity to participate in an array of activities. From contributing to equity and inclusion initiatives to championing sustainability, engaging in national and international conferences, and volunteering in the local community—TUI provides a platform to make a meaningful impact. Overall, being a part of the TUI family gives me a fantastic space to grow as a professional and as an individual!

For those considering joining TUI, go for it! Showcase your industry and brand research, willingness to learn and unique life experiences; these qualities will all help you excel in any career. Good luck!”

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2024 Analytics and Data Science Graduate Programme Luton, United Kingdom
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