It’s all about balance

Many different components come together to create what we call life. Work being one of them. We want to help in making your life run smoothly and help you to be the very best version of yourself. Why talk about work-life balance when, let’s be honest, work is a pretty big chunk of life? At TUI, we choose to simply call it “life balance”.

Health & Wellbeing

We offer a variety of wellbeing and relaxation options as we appreciate the benefits that a healthy mindset brings. In addition, we encourage our colleagues to organise their working hours in the best possible way for them by having a flexible work schedule.


We aim at building a long-term relationship with you. That’s why we focus on your development! We pride ourselves in providing a thorough onboarding process, a personal development plan and digital learning platforms to enrich your personal development.

Team Spirit

Of course, life is not just work alone. The right balance between work and relaxation is very important to us. Thats why we have fun events organised throughout the year so that you can get to know your colleagues in an informal setting as well.


There are more places to explore than our work spaces. So why not treat yourself to that employee discount on a TUI holiday! We’ll give you scope to take your dream holiday, whatever it may be.

Global Careers

Working at the world’s largest tourism group offers a lot of career opportunities. Embark on a true adventure, with workplaces across the world and thousands of colleagues who can’t wait to meet you!