The flight into our various destinations in Europe or around the globe is a key element of our customers’ holiday and we want to make it a remarkable one. Our Pilots contribute towards this by providing a safe and enjoyable in-flight experience for all our guests. While our Boeing 737 and 787 aircraft offer a modern and high-tech workplace, it is the personal attitude of our crew members that makes the ultimate difference. However our passion for flying is not only characterised by a strong community on-board, but also by striving for the highest standards within our Flight Operations.

A TUI Pilot sat in the cockpit of an aircraft. The photo is taken towards the cockpit so the pilot is looking back to the camera with the console around and behind them. The pilot is smiling with her thumbs up.

What can you expect

As a Pilot with TUI Airline, you will join colleagues that have a distinct sense of responsibility and dedication. Our state-of-the-art fleet is a key factor to make our flight operations as carbon-efficient as possible and we have a strong history of backing new, carbon-saving technologies for continuous improvement of our operations.

With more than 80 destinations worldwide, no two days are the same. You can expect a good work-life balance and great terms and conditions. Working with TUI means always looking for opportunities to grow and develop, you’ll never stop learning.

A pilot is stood on the steps of an aircraft. The pilot is wearing their uniform with the fin of the plane behind him. There is a blue sky with a few clouds.

What we are looking for

We’re not just looking for a Pilot who can fly customers from A to B; we see the journey as part of our customers’ holiday. Therefore we expect our Pilots to embrace the customer-focused culture and go the ‘extra (s)mile’ to ensure our service and customer experience is exceeding all expectations.

Our large community is made up of a broad range of diverse backgrounds and experience levels, so teamwork and collaboration are fundamental to this role. Join us today and be yourself. We’re striving for a team that’s as diverse as the destinations we send our customers to.

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