AI & Data Science


TUI’s business divisions offer almost limitless applications for data science. Whether in the evaluation of customer feedback, the pricing of tourism services or the personalization of hotel offers – we use data science in a wide variety of areas to make processes more efficient and automated. We recognize the potential of data science and artificial intelligence and have therefore made it our goal to control and automate the majority of processes through data science and artificial intelligence.

In order to tap the full potential of data science, we work intensively and trustingly with our business partners. We discuss the requirements and jointly evaluate where the use of data science makes sense. Building on this, we develop data science models, which we continuously train and optimize. We draw on a very broad spectrum of methodological expertise in the three classic areas of data science – classification, clustering and regression – and beyond. We are continuously expanding this expertise by attending international data science conferences and by networking closely with our team and data science departments in the European source markets. This enables us to incorporate the latest findings in the field of data science directly into our work and to offer our business partners the best possible solutions.

We are proud to be able to cover the entire value chain of the data science process: through our close cooperation with our data engineers, we are able to connect data from the most diverse source systems and embed our models in the IT infrastructure in such a way that they deliver reliable and high-performance results. This gives us the capacity to constantly face new data science challenges from the world of TUI!

Katharina Pape (Data Scientist)