TUI regularly hire within the DevOps space and are perpetually looking DevOps Engineers with experience and interest in Cloud Infrastructure built on AWS in order to deploy infrastructure on-the-fly and occasionally through Infrastructure-as-code (Terraform, CloudFormation).

At TUI, DevOps Engineer will build and deploy infrastructure at speed, across multiple AWS accounts, within minutes, with the power of code!

However, we also appreciate that not everything is about speed, and are serious about ensuring that we closely follow the latest Development and Security best practices.

With a DevOps role you could expect to help developers to build, test and deploy applications quickly through CI/CD pipelines, utilising tools like Gitlab, Jenkins, AWS Codebuild, AWS CodePipeline and CircleCI, and implement automation through each stage of software development.

Automation is generally achieved through python, ruby , java shell and AWS Lambda functions, we don’t like long, manual processes! In terms of monitoring, we tend to use tools such as Dynatrace, Datadog or other similar tools to monitor production systems and make sure applications have high availability and performance.