OnePlatform Hackathon


In our #fittogether post, we’ve already talked about our journey to evolve from a tourism company to a digital and platform company. This week, a Virtual OnePlatform Hackathon took place for the simplest end-to-end process for the new platforms: send Frank (Frank Rosenberger, CIO IT & Future Markets) on holiday!

The Hackathon started with a Developer Conference, where Frank told the team where he would like to go ✈️ Afterwards, the teams had 3 days to get the data flowing through our systems to book his trip. 

With teams involved from the UK, Netherlands & Germany, the Hackathon was not only a great event to prove that accommodation and flight data can flow across APIs from sourcing to sales and back again to fulfill Franks holiday, but furthermore test our collaboration processes & technology! 

The teams achieved great results with very positive feedback ? we are already looking forward to the next Hackathon! Thank you to everyone involved!