TUI as part of the DACH30 Community


For several months now, our colleagues Heike Krauß and Julia Borgfeld have been actively involved in the DACH30 community. DACH30 is a group of pragmatic agilists in large German-speaking corporations. What once began with only four participating corporations has already grown to almost twenty members. The reason for founding the DACH30 community was the realization, that large corporations often face different challenges and questions when it comes to anchoring agile principles than medium-sized companies or start-ups. The idea: learning to master challenges better by exchanging and sharing experiences and information.

One example:

For the development of competence in the area of Lean and Agile, the group developed a DACH30 qualification portfolio for agile working to support managers and employees. This qualification portfolio is increasingly becoming the standard for Agile training, not least because in-house Agile Coaches are able to offer practice-relevant and practice-oriented qualifications themselves and thus promote exchange as needed between colleagues, teams, departments and even across organizations.

The exchange and mutual learning also beyond company borders is an important component on our way to more agility through the participation in the DACH30 community and holds exciting possibilities for the future.

Mona Kölsch (Agile Coach)