Global Careers @TUI

TUI is passionate about developing employees and as a global employer, we encourage employees to experience international career opportunities and roles.

Did you know?​
We have employees from over a hundred different nationalities working in our many office and holiday destinations!​

With roles available from head office locations to holiday destinations, employees have the opportunity to develop new skills, gain new professional and life experiences by working in a new country and with different culutures.  These opportunities can be for permanent positions, delivering maternity or education cover for a fixed term period or using your skills and expertise to deliver key projects across TUI.​

Did you know?​
We currently have employees on international assignments across many of our office and holiday destinations from Canada to Asia!​

To support TUI employees in finding international experiences and to support their relocation to a new country, the Global 360 programme was set up with support by our global mobility team. All roles are available for application by our internal employees​

Did you know?​
The longest journey travelled by a single employee was 16,483km!​

Elizabeth’s International Experience

Relocated from the UK to France

7 month assignment working within the marketing team as a Digital Project Manager

“From a young age, my ambition was to pursue a career at an international company that would allow me to work globally. I think the amount you can learn from a new culture, different ways of working and people is unparalleled and the opportunity discover new places always excites me.
Being immersed in another language and culture was a great way to get out of my comfort zone and I developed massively from a personal and professional perspective. Also, working in the digital marketing team meant I was able to expand my knowledge and skillset of marketing further.
Not only did the scheme give me an opportunity to grow professionally, but a large part of it was adapting to life in a new country. So the best memory for me is actually living in Paris (which already happened to be my favourite city) and making the most of the beautiful city on my doorstep. Plus making new friends in my host country and having visits from friends and family to share my experience made it even more memorable.”

Martin’s International Experience

Relocated from Germany to Spain

4 month assignment remaining in his current role as a Senior Legal Advisor but based in a different location

“Getting the opportunity to support my legal colleagues in Palma in some corporate restructuring projects in the area of a group of destination management companies for me actually meant to be able to take a different perspective within the role I have been performing for many years now. Being in an international environment has always been a rewarding dimension of my life since having spent one year abroad as an exchange student in school. Especially being a German lawyer, there are not too many fields to be professionally active in outside my home country.

The international assignment enabled me to get a first-hand impression of TUI as a group with business activities all over the world and to see how this is used as an advantage to future business models. It was a great experience to be among dedicated colleagues in a different business unit and in a different country who share the same values and strive for the implementation of the identical business strategy. In the same way that our customers expect their international holidays to run without any deficit or disruption, colleagues within TUI Group are cooperating accordingly across business units and national borders. Feeling to be part of this complex but still effective structure is a privilege and adds to the motivation to tackle the manifold daily challenges.

I have been welcomed by everyone from day one with great hospitality and thus did not need much time to get acquainted to the new working environment. It was a pleasure to be part of the local team! The supportive way my stay was organised by the Global 360 program also contributed to its success. Thank you very much!

And last but not least: To work in a place where others spend their holidays was a real incentive, especially on the many sunny weekends!”