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A group of entertainers in a pool having played water volleyboard. They are holding each other up and climbing over each other with guests in the background. They are wearing the TUI Uniform.


Join TUI as an entertainer abroad or in your home destination. As an entertainer at TUI you will offer a daily programme of activities & high profile team events. Present evening high-energy party dances, games & family entertainment formats and deliver a programme designed especially for teenagers.

A group of 5 reps are stood on a beach with the sunset behind them. They are smiling with one member of the group having their arm in the air. They are stood on the sand.


Join TUI as an evening entertainer abroad or in your home destination. You will be the face of evening entertainment creating and presenting a variety of different shows to keep our guests entertained throughout the evening. Shows could range from dance performances, live vocals, bingo, game shows and more.

3 TUI entertainers are holding water pistols with one tipping a bucket of water onto someone who has no idea it is happening. They are stood on a pathway with grass behind them. It is a sunny day clearly from the blue sky on show.


Join TUI as a daytime entertainer abroad or in your home destination. You will be front and center of our daytime activities in our hotels. Offering family friendly events including water-polo, beach boules, darts and more. You will spend your days engaging and entertaining our international guests.

An entertainer is jumping in the air in front of the TUI logo. There is a blue sky in the background and the person is wearing uniform.


Join TUI as a experiences and activities host abroad or in your home destination. You will organise and host opt-in daytime activities such as French Boules, host local experiences such as secret walks and cocktail demonstrations. Host on microphone the low-key evening events programme including live entertainment or themed evenings such as White Night or Casino Evening.


Our jobs abroad where you will be given a flexible contract to work abroad in countries such as Spain, Greece & Turkey. You must be an EU National or British* National to apply. Scroll down to view locally employed vacancies for local residents of specific destinations.

*See the specific Job Adverts for details.  

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Register Your Interest | Sports & Leisure Roles | EU & UK Nationals | Work Abroad | Summer 2025 Flexible
Register Your Interest | TUI Entertainment Roles | EU Nationals | Work Abroad | Summer 2025 Flexible
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To apply for these vacancies you must be a resident of the destination/country advertised.

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