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Hi my name is Anni Liimatainen

I’m from Finland and I wanted to work abroad for TUI.

I applied for a position with a flexible contract using the TUI careers website. I wanted to work somewhere abroad and travel from one season to the next. I worked in Turkey last summer and because I am fully flexible, I also received accommodation in the destination I was working.
In winter time I moved to France to work for TUI in a Ski Destination.

Top tip from me:
Make sure you look out for the flexible job vacancies if you also want to travel and work abroad.

Hi my name is Maria Theodospoulou

I’m from Kefalonia in Greece I wanted to find a job on my home Island.

I live here in my family home, so I originally applied for a Local Holiday Rep job advertised specifically in Greece as it offered a local Greek contract. I already have all the paperwork needed for a Greek local contract, and I have my own accommodation. In winter time I take time off with my family here in Greece and then return to work at the start of each season.

Top tip from me:
If you live, or can only work in a specific destination – look out for the holiday destination jobs with a specific destination offering a local contract

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TUI BLUE Fitness & Leisure Instructor Crete East, Greece
TUI Swim Instructor Crete East, Greece
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TUI Football Coach Cyprus
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