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4 Childcare Reps sat and stood on grass making the shape of a heart with their arms. There are green trees in the background and a pathway.

TUI Kids Club Reps – Qualified

Warm hearted, enthusiastic, and inclusive, our TUI Kid’s Club Reps can turn a frown upside-down faster than you can say “it’s behind you”! Working with children up to the age of 12, you’ll give our smallest guests the biggest helping of fun, excitement, and lifelong memories – from the very first hello, to the last wave goodbye.  

A group of baby club reps in uniform sat on a wall in front of a gotel sign. They are smiling looking directly at the camera with their arms around each other.

TUI Baby Club Reps

Enchanting parades, mini-disco dancing and dreaming up age-appropriate activities for our youngest guests will keep you busy as one of our specialist Baby Club Reps. With a state recognised qualification for 0-3 years, you’ll also be a great communicator and a caring, flexible thinker. Whether you’re working in your home country or abroad, we’ll support you as you make our smallest customers your biggest priority,

A kids rep is on the beach wearing a TUI uniform. You can only see the back of the rep with the beach surrounding them. You can see a sunset in the distance.

TUI Childcare Supervisors

Do you dream of a career in childcare management? We’ll help you to make it happen. Show us your experience in previous childcare roles and display your ability to lead a team – and we’ll show you a future as part of our TUI Childcare Supervisors team. First stop, kids club! 

A kids rep working abroad is holding some balloons as she celebrates here childcare qualification. She is wearing a TUI uniform and smiling with the sea and a blue sky in the background. She is stood on a raised promenade.

TUI Kids Club Reps – Unqualified

No official childcare qualifications? No problem. You can still apply for our TUI Kids Club Rep jobs. We’re looking for wonderful people with a passion for childcare and an imagination that’s full of inspiring ideas. You’ll engage our youngest customers whilst working towards your European Childcare Qualification in your first year with us (now that’s what we call a smart career move).


Our jobs abroad where you will be given a flexible contract to work abroad in countries such as Spain, Greece & Turkey. You must be an EU National or British* National to apply. Scroll down to view locally employed vacancies for local residents of specific destinations.

*See the specific Job Adverts for details.  

Job Title Location
TUI Kids Club or Baby Club Host | Qualified | EU Nationals | Work Abroad Flexible
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To apply for these vacancies you must be a resident of the destination/country advertised.

Job Title Location
TUI Kids Club or Baby Club Host | German or Dutch Speaking | Local Residents Various Locations, Greece
TUI Kids Club or Baby Club Host | German or Danish or Swedish Speaking | Local Residents Various Locations, Turkey
TUI Kids Club or Baby Club Host | Qualified | Spain | Local Residents | Spain
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